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About Lvfely

We’re here to translate people buying power into financial saving.

Lvfely sends you on the direct route to the leading leisure, entertainment, food and drink, health, beauty, adventure activities and more in your city. Please do join us and exploring the best deals ever in your city.

To ensure we remain a forerunner in this business and provide a venue to discover the best deals around, we want to share what we stand for:

We only offer deals we want to buy and our customer want.

Undoubtedly, we will search around the city to get what we want to buy. We want to offer the things that you cannot find anywhere else. Think of us as the key to the treasure chest of what to do, see, eat and buy in your city. As a gatekeepers like us, we are making sure all of the purchasers are fun and exciting - a foot in the door, the nudge in the right direction, the shimmy in your step, the sequins to your hot pants. Explore your city with us. Let us be your daily addiction deals selector.

No cheap talk.

We want each Lvfely offer to feel too good to be true. We pride ourselves on honesty, commitment and fun. We present our highlights and restrictions clearly, so that you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase a deal with us. If you are not happy with a deal purchase, our customer service team will come to the rescue.

How Lvfely came about

We are coming from a group of peoples who believing in online internet business which passionate on challenge, rewarding, and social community welfare. We started this with a very simple ideas and trying to develop it as the poosible business plan.


Our People

We valued our people as our most valuable asset, we believing human asset. Employing passionate people where we need, just like you. Partner team will be there to ensure every step of the way for a seamless business experience and ensured quality. the customer service team will be in place to answering all queries and helps customers clarify the deals for the best possible experience. Sales team will searches out around the town to get the best deals to offer for you.

The media team will expressing its highlights and terms of the deal to entice you to get involved.

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