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Q1) What is Lvfely?

Lvfely is an app that helps you do more together with your favourite people. You can plan activities, organize with friends, and purchase discounted offers from hundreds of places in your city - all from a single, convenient app.

Q2) How does Lvfely work?

Browse through various activities nearby you happening today and the whole week/month. Alternatively, you can add wishlist places you like to visit by clicking on the heart shape next to their name. These places will automatically be added to your Lvfely list and you can easily find the latest offers.

Select what you like and purchase the voucher with ease of just a few clicks. When you are at the venue and ready to claim your purchase, please show your voucher to the personnel at the venue for them to assist in the redemption process.

Q3) where I can use Lvfely?

Lvfely is currently available in Yangon, and major cities at Myanmar. Soon we'll be adding more cities including small town and many more. You can easily purchase a voucher in any city you are currently at with the same account.

Note: You will be charged and refunded as per the currency rate of the city you are purchasing your voucher.

Q4) How do I purchase a voucher?

You can view all available offers by browsing all deals or in the specific categories list.

If you found an offer you like, you can go ahead and purchase by following the steps below:

a)      Click into the offer that you want.

b)      Read the “Fine Print” section to understand on the offer's terms and conditions. Click “Add to Cart” button if you wish to purchase the offer.

c)       Double confirm on its deal, highlights of offer and select the quantity you wish to purchase.

d)      Click on “Check Out” and each successful purchases will be added to your Purchases list (in My acoount).

Q5) When should I purchase a voucher?

You can purchase for activities that are happening today and up to a week in advance. 

For vouchers, whereby you can redeem the voucher from day of purchase to up to the mentioned redemption period, be sure to purchase the voucher when you are sure you will be able to visit the partner within the week.

Q6) How do I redeem my voucher?

Just show the print out whenever you are at the venue. Simply show/provide your print out to the personnel there, they will confirm your redeem and obtain the voucher code.

The instruction and redemption method will be stating on its “Fine Print” column.

The voucher code will be confirming and change as “USED” immediately after redemption is done. One voucher code can only be use it once, “NO MULTIPLE USE OF SAME VOUCHER CODE”  

Do remember to read the terms & conditions of each voucher before redeeming.

Q7) When will I be charged?

You will pay the purchased at the redeem venue outlet. Venue outlet will collect all of your purchased direct from you.

Q8) Why are some redemption period longer than others?

Depending on our partner, the voucher sold may be time slot based or it could be an open ended voucher.

For time slot based voucher, you are booking the service at a specific time. You are required to arrive on time to enjoy the session. Otherwise, your booking may be released to other walk-in customers.

To redeem your voucher, take note whether the partner requires advance booking and you are to proceed with the necessary arrangement from your side. Otherwise, you may walk-in during their opening hours to redeem your voucher. A voucher redemption is subject to availability. You may cancel your unredeem purchase up to an additional 2 days after the validity of the voucher.

Q9) When can my voucher be redeemed?

Your voucher can be redeemed at the specified redemption time. Ensure that you are at the venue and present your voucher to the staff for them the complete the redemption process.

Q10) After I purchased a voucher, do I need to make a reservation before visiting the venue?

Do read on the description of the voucher to determine if you need to book in advance before visiting the venue.

Q11) What happens if I can't redeem my voucher?

As long as you have not passed your cancellation deadline, you may cancel your booking without any further charge.

There will be no refund for any cancellation after the deadline. In case you are unable to redeem your voucher due to an emergency or the venue was unable to accommodate you, please contact our Customer Services team for assistance or email us here.

Q12) I’m trying to purchase a deals that looks open to purchase, but when I go to purchase it I get a message that the slot is full. Why can’t I purchase?

Our partners open up a specific amount of slot for Lvfely users. It's possible that during the time you viewed, all the slots were taken up by other users.

Do browse and purchase other suitable vouchers instead.

Q13) What happens if I am not satisfied with my visit?

Be sure to write in your experience to us. We take our customer's feedback seriously and will review with our partner immediately for their further improvements. Should there be no improvement, we will consider our partnerships with them.

Note: You can also write in about your positive experience. We love hearing from our customers.

Q14) I was wrongly charged by Merchandiser. What do I do?

We have records of all purchase made by each individual account. Do write in to us if you would like to dispute a charge and we will assist accordingly.

Q15) Can I refer friends to Lvfely?

Yes, you can.

Q16) How do I get in touch if I need assistance?

Do drop us an e-mail here.

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